Caligula: A Biography

Caligula: A Biography - Aloys Winterling, Deborah Lucas Schneider, Glenn W. Most, Paul Psoinos Not a very engaging book. It does get repetitive at times. A pity since it does present a different look at Caligula looking back at the source material. In brief, the thesis is that Caligula was not "crazy" or "insane" per se. It is more a matter of being insane as when someone is a tyrant, you call them insane, but they are not insane because they suffer from a mental defect. It is a distinction the author makes after looking at his life, the challenges he faced as a youth trying to stay alive in the court of an emperor who killed his family and then survive the plots end events of his reign. In terms of reading, it is an ok work, but the repetitiveness does wear on you. You may find yourself skimming quite a bit.