American Vampire Vol. 3

American Vampire Vol. 3 - Scott Snyder This series continues to be great. This is definitely what you want to be reading if you dislike sparkling vampires. This volume collects two story series, both taking place during World War II; it also includes a small sort of preface story taking place during the late 19th century that looks at the Wild West shows that briefly flourished at that time. I really liked that tale that blended a bit of poking fun at those shows with a small poignant moment for Skinner Sweet. The art in that short tale goes back to the art in the previous volumes. The two main stories mirror World War II having two theaters of war. The first story takes place in the Pacific, where the Japanese may be developing a secret weapon involving vampires. This does get Sweet's attention. Also, the story features Pearl and her husband. The second tale takes us back to Europe, about a couple of years before the tale in the Pacific. It features members of the Vassals group, the vampire hunters, trying to stop a Nazi threat involving vampires, though in a different way than what the Japanese intended. Plus, there are rumors of a cure for vampirism, so naturally the vampire hunters send agents to investigate. Overall, the stories here are pretty good. They have plenty of action, and the story plots are pretty good too. The art is very good as well in this series, and it is definitely another good reason to pick this series up. The only reason I did not give it the five stars is a small twist in the Pacific story, one that has me wondering what will happen next. I won't say what so as not to spoil things. On the one hand, you would think that is a good thing. On the other, if it goes one way, I do wonder if the series could jump the shark. I guess I will have to pick up the next volume and find out. So, in the end, yes, I do recommend this one, and I think folks should pick it up.