Frank Miller's Robocop

Frank Miller's RoboCop - Juan José Ryp, Frank Miller This was really good. This is how Frank Miller actually intended Robocop to be, and it is definitely much better than anything in the movies. Not only the action, but the dark humor we know so well, are present in this collection. Fans of Robocop should definitely check this out. The talk show character is reminiscent of a blend of Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer with some Nancy Grace thrown in for good measure. Not to mention that Anne, Robocop's partner, looks a lot hotter here than in the movies (and she kicks ass too). Another reason to read this collection is the ending, which I won't divulge. It is very different from the films as well. Overall, a good entertaining reading, but I will warn, it is a bit bloody and violent (in case that bothers you. It works fine for me).