Hunter's Planet (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 2)

Hunter's Planet - David Bischoff, Randy Stradley Mariko Noguchi's story continues in Hunter's Planet. After spending some time amongst the Predators (Yautja), she returns to a human colony. Soon, she is tapped by a billionaire who is creating a hunters' planet where the prey are bioengineered and lethal. However, like similar stories (from Island of Dr. Moreau to Jurassic Park), messing with the natural order of things to create monsters often backfires. And it does backfire here as well. Noguchi is the only one able to handle the crisis, but she has to take over the planet and once again run with Predators to overcome. It is something her boss is not about to allow. Fans of the franchise will like this book. Anyone wanting a quick escapist adventure read will like it as well. Those wanting more insight on the Predators and their society will find it here. A bit slow in the middle, but once the pace picks up, you read right through the end. By the way, I think if the movie makers would have used some of these stories in the AvP movies, instead of the barely passable stuff they hoisted on us the movies would have been much better.