The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1 - Kevin O'Neill, Alan Moore I am actually re-reading the series in preparation to read Black Dossier. I can't believe I did not add this volume before; I have the second volume added in here. So, I am going to reread it and then write my impressions from the second time around. I did like it the first time, so looking forward to revisiting. * * *Now that I am done with it for a second time, I certainly recall one of the things I liked about it, and that was the Victorian feel it has. Yes, I know it is set in the Victoria era, but what I mean is that Moore captures the feel of that era very well in this tale. Add the steampunk elements, and you have a very good and entertaining reading experience. The premise of bringing these characters together is pretty good, and the art is well done, enhancing the story. This is a work that leaves the reader wanting more. And as a word of warning, if you watched the movie, but did not read this, you are missing a lot. The movie, entertaining as it may be (or not depending on your view), is very different. They barely took the premise, and they created a very different product. Overall, this is one I highly recommend.