The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier - Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Ray Zone Compared to the previous League works, this was at times way overdone. While a lot of readers seem to lavish Moore with praise, in a way, this was reminiscent of the creative extension assignment I used to give my high school students when we read 1984 in class; that often had mixed results. It reminded me due to the various pastiches, collages, and various formats Moore employed, and all that had mixed results for my reading experience. Very well developed, yet at times it is clear Moore is going over the edge, so to say. I did an initial reading, and it is clear I will go back again and read it more closely. So in that sense, in that it lends itself to multiple readings, this is a very good work. It does help to have read the other two, and if you have done some other literary reading, it helps as well. In a way, this is very much like reading Watchmen. However, I think that, unlike Watchmen, Moore may have been trying a bit too hard with this one. The whole 3D thing at the end, while neat, did seem a bit excessive. It was the excess that made me give the three stars; I liked it. That's good enough. And I will still look forward to the next volume.