Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red Son - Dave Johnson, Mark Millar, Walden Wong, Kilian Plunkett, Andrew    Robinson This was a very interesting take on the Superman tale. Those of us who remember parts of the Cold War and Soviet Union will likely appreciate the history a bit more. Millar's take on the characters is pretty good. It is a comic, but it does have some depth to it. I am not as sure about the somewhat circular ending (which I will not reveal for those who may want to read this). It's the only thing keeping me from giving it the five stars. Unlike True Brit, which I reviewed here as well after reading it, this comic has a serious tone (the British take is more humorous, something I enjoyed too). Overall, I found this a good read, interesting, one that made the reader think of different possibilities. And it does make an interesting commentary, if you read closely, about our current world. Now, if only we could get our act together and solve the world's problems. Now there is a thought.