All You Need Is Kill

All You Need Is Kill - Hiroshi Sakurazaka This was interesting and different. The protagonist is a soldier who fights alien invaders with a suit of armor known as a "jacket." His problem is that he keeps dying and then coming back to battle again. And then he meets the supersoldier known as the Full Metal Bitch. Why does he keep coming back? How exactly does it work? What does the FMB have to do with it? A strength in this novel is that the reason why the hero keeps coming back is revealed gradually. Sure, there is action and battles in this novel, but there is also some good character development and some interesting science fiction ideas. No, I am not revealing why it is he keeps coming back. Once you find out, I think you may find it intriguing as well. When I first picked up the book, I thought it would be similar to Algis Budrys's Rogue Moon, which also has a hero that dies and comes back to life only to do it again. However, Budrys's protagonist does it in a different way, and he is not facing an alien invasion; he is exploring an alien artifact on the Moon. Still, if you have read Budrys, you will still find yourself making comparisons. Overall, I think Sakurazaka is a writer I will be looking out for. I did not know he had other works, but I will certainly look for them. The novel was pretty good, and it was a pretty quick read as well. If you like military sci-fi, you will like this.