House of Mystery Vol. 1: Room and Boredom

House of Mystery, Vol. 1: Room and Boredom - Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham, Luca Rossi A bit convoluted at times, but it was an overall entertaining read. This is a collection of short stories framed by the main story of the inhabitants of the House of Mystery. The protagonists from different eras are caught in the house unwillingly, and the most recent arrival is trying to escape. The stories are drawn by different artists, and this is a detail I personally like due to the variety in styles. The stories vary in quality; I thought the one about the flies was the weakest, and I liked the one about the princess and her familiar. Stories are used as currency in the house's bar; you settle your bar tab by telling stories. Not a new concept, the telling of stories in a bar that is, but it works. I will probably look for other volumes in the series.