The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle - Jim Butcher, Ardian Syaf I will open by saying that I have not read any of the Dresden Files novels, but I have heard of them enough. I do enjoy graphic novels, so this seemed like a good chance to read a tale of Harry Dresden in a format I enjoy. I was not disappointed. It was a good whodunit with plenty of action and the feel of a private detective story. If nothing else, Dresden stories seem a lot better than some of the crap that is passing for urban fantasy these days. The art was pretty good. It is a very fast paced read; it goes down easy. What starts as an animal attack in a zoo turns to something a bit more sinister. Just another day on the job for the resident wizard private eye. Overall this story has made me curious enough to consider reading one or two of the novels. I think fans of this series will like it. Casual graphic novel readers and fantasy readers may enjoy it as well.