The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart

The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America is Tearing Us Apart - Bill Bishop The book's basic premise of how people sort themselves out by their politics, or to better put it, seeking out others who share their same views, is an interesting idea. It is also an idea that can help explain what we see in the United States as a red and blue divide. Bishop's books is well-researched, so it has that going for it looking over things like Census records and Pew studies, two examples of reputable sources. However, this book is extremely dry to read. The first three chapters are pretty much a bombardment of Census data with discussion that, unless you are really into statistics, your eyes will pretty much glaze over the stuff. The chapter on church and religion (7) was a bit interesting as it looks at the rise of the megachurch phenomenon. Notice I say "a bit." I like learning about the origins of the church movement and learning that many of the ideas that megachurches use now to attract and keep members are not exactly new American ideas. A lot come from a certain minister and his church all the way in Korea. The chapter on niche lifestyles (9) was the other one I found slightly interesting, giving a pretty look at Portland, and I learned a bit also about the rise of Dark Horse Comics, one of my favorite imprints. That Dark Horse arose in a place like Portland makes perfect sense. There is no way in hell a company like that would rise in a place like Texas, especially East Texas. Bishop does betray a degree of liberal (or progressive, if you prefer the term), but then again I will say that I would much rather prefer living in places where things like good public transportation, a good library system, where people watch out for each other, and value things like health care for all is preferable. At any rate, the book contains some good ideas, but it is a real drag to read, so to speak. It is a pity for me as I had looked forward to reading this book.