Sin City Volume 2: A Dame to Kill For (3rd Edition)

Sin City, Vol. 2: A Dame to Kill For - Frank Miller The series continues. This time we have a very luscious femme fatale and the man she betrays. Ava is a predatory gold digger of the worst kind, and yet, a woman no man can resist. Dwight is the man she betrayed and left for a rich dude. When Ava reappears looking for Dwight, things go downhill from there leading to the final confrontation. As in the first volume of the series, the dark art style complements the story very well. In fact, it is a pleasure to read the tale just for the art. The story itself, once it gets rolling, is fast paced, making this book a pretty fast and entertaining read. One thing I found interesting is how characters like Marv from the previous volume reappear, showing how the tales in the series intertwine. Overall, I am liking this series and will keep on reading it. I may have to reread it in fact.