Promethea (Book 2)

Promethea, Vol. 2 - Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray After the first one, this one seemed a bit of a letdown. I still liked it. The art on this series is simply gorgeous overall (though given the art in the rest of the volume, I really expected those Tarot cards to be a lot more ornate). The main problem for me is that the reading experience was simply exhausting. By the time I got to the last part with the story of the universe and the tarot, I just wanted it to end. Moore just packed way too much stuff; it was a bit overloaded. And I did find the comic issue presented as a widescreen more of an annoyance. It did not add anything visually, and it only made it more difficult for me to hold the book. Having said that, the exploration of imagination, myth, story, and life is still very good. There are a lot of things to appreciate in this volume, and it may merit rereading. I am enjoying the series overall, but I do hope Moore tightens things a bit more in the forthcoming volumes. I think we have enough background, time to get back to the main story and the action.