Promethea (Book 4)

Promethea, Vol. 4 - Mick Gray, J.H. Williams III, Alan Moore Sophia's journey into the Immateria continues all the way to the top, so to speak. The art in this book, as in the rest of the series is great, and it is one of the highlights of this work. While the whole Kabbalah angle is interesting, it does get a bit lengthy after a while for readers. The action itself is not that much complicated as Sophia has to reclaim her role as Promethea from Stacia, who was serving as caretaker. To be honest, after all that Sophia went through, this seemed a little anticlimactic. I mean, the way they situation is solved, if you can call it a solution, is a nice reimagining of some things, but as I said, a little anticlimactic. The series overall is well worth reading, and I will continue on to the last volume, since it seems that things may pick up in terms of pace. Overall if you like mythology and folklore, this series is a must read. I think people who do like myths will appreciate them better as a result of reading it, and in some cases, it may urge people to learn more. That can only be a good thing.