Promethea - Book 05

Promethea, Vol. 5 - Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray Once I started this one, I pretty much had to keep going until the very end. In part, it was not as profound as the previous volumes, so that made the reading pace a bit quicker. Most of the in-depth meditation of the series was already out of the way. The nice thing about the ending, which I think is a stroke of genius for Moore, is that it leaves you with an uplifting sense of hope. And yet, you get the idea that the story will go on. This was definitely a good way to wrap up this very good and interesting series. Fans of Alan Moore will definitely like it. Readers who enjoy mythology and folklore will like it as well. In terms of appeal factors, and this is more for librarians, readers who like works like the Fables series may like this series.