Me of Little Faith

Me of Little Faith - Lewis Black If you like Lewis Black, whether from his stand-up comedy or from his work at The Daily Show, then you will probably like this book. I did not rate it higher because it does slow a bit at the end. However, it is worth reading. Black combines humor with memoir and commentary to reflect on his relationship with religion. More importantly, he reminds us of the importance of humor, especially when it comes to religion. The deity, whatever form it takes, must have a sense of humor, so we should have some sense of humor as well when it comes to religion. The early part of the book is the best part. Along the way, we get a look at politics, G.W. Bush, Muslims, Christians, and even Mormons; Black pretty much covers a lot of territory in this book. I did like it overall, and I think a good number of people should read it. Maybe it would help them be less uptight.