Forgotten Realms the Legend of Drizzt Book 1: Homeland

Homeland: The Graphic Novel (Legend of Drizzt: The Graphic Novel, #1) - R.A. Salvatore, Andrew Daab, Tim Seeley I will say first of all that I had not read Salvatore's Drizzt series before reading this, but it had been on my list of things to read down the road. A few friends had been recommending it. So, when I saw it graphic novel format, I just could not resist. It was definitely a great read, and I am now fired up to keep on reading. The characters in this first volume are complex, well developed. And when Drizzt finally learns who is his father, it practically reads like a good tragedy as they both find themselves trapped in a world that uses them, yet has no use for them. This was the part that I found particularly moving. The art complements and carries the story on very well. And though this format does not have everything from the novel, a fact that is mentioned in Salvatore's foreword, it does present the story in a compelling way with a good blend of action and intrigue. I think fans of the series would enjoy the story in this format. For casual readers like me, this makes a good entry point to the series, and it may spark enough curiosity to seek out the full novel. For now though, I will soon be moving on to the second volume in this series. This is one I definitely recommend.