DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore

DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore - Paris Cullins, Alan Moore, George Pérez, Bill Willingham, Dave Gibbons, Curt Swan, Jim Aparo, Klaus Janson, Brian Bolland, Kevin O'Neill, Joe Orlando, Rick Veitch, Al Williamson, Jim Baikie, George Freeman, Kurt Schaffenberger This was a bit of a mixed bag. If you are expecting the Alan Moore of works like Watchmen, then this is not it. However, if you are looking for some pretty good comics, then this will do the trick. Moore did a run with DC Comics during the 1980s, and this volume collects those works. The edition does include What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow and The Killing Joke. I read and reviewed The Killing Joke previously. The comics vary from nice and poignant to light humor to good quality storytelling. There is a bit of everything. Personally, I liked Man of Tomorrow and the story about the Green Lantern Corps member who had to deal in a world where there is no color (it is dark and all the inhabitants are blind). I thought that was a pretty original tale. A couple other stories were just lukewarm, but they were still ok to read. These are comics from the 1980s, which is clear in the art style. In a way takes me back to my younger days. Fans of Moore will likely want to read this whether because they are fans or just to complete their collections. More casual fans may want to borrow it. I liked it, but I know Moore has done better work. Still, I was glad to have read it.