Star Wars: Red Harvest

Red Harvest - Joe Schreiber Up front I will say that I think this was a lot better than his previous book, Death Troopers, which I also read. Having said that, it is a book I liked, but it was not a great book. Nice popcorn kind of entertainment. I don't really have much negative to say about it. I did find the zombie as result from an experiment to be interesting, and a nice touch in the Star Wars universe. As I have said before, SW franchise is pretty good about taking whatever is trendy, in this case, zombies, and adapting it into a Star Wars setting. I think this one worked out pretty well. The idea of a Jedi being able to telepathically communicate with plants was interesting too I thought. Personally, in terms of the expanded universe, I find that I am liking these new novels taking place in the days of the Old Republic. Maybe because I find the Sith overall interesting. Plus the Jedi were around as well. I think there is a lot of room to work on for authors in this setting. Fans of the zombie genre who happen to like Star Wars too will probably like it. For those who are not that big into Star Wars, but like zombies, they may like it as well. It is accessible enough for non-Star Wars readers I think. Anyhow, I liked it.