Jurassic Park Volume 1: Redemption

Jurassic Park Volume 1: Redemption - Bob Schreck, Nate Van Dyke, Frank Miller I wanted to like this a bit more, but in the end it was just ok. The story itself was a bit of a stretch I think (yes, I know this is fiction, yadda yadda, but still). The ending did leave a bit to be desired, but it does make clear this volume is the start of a new series. So, who knows, the series could get better. But if I go by this, well, it was just ok. It is the old story of people who should know better repeating the mistakes of the past anyhow, and then reaping the bad results. The art on the comic was also ok. By that I mean it was adequate, but I have seen better. In the end, it is a nice and quick fluffy read, so keep expectations low.