Acting Out!: Combating Homophobia Through Teacher Activism (Practitioner Inquiry)

Acting Out!: Combating Homophobia Through Teacher Activism - Mollie V. Blackburn, Caroline T. Clark, Jill M. Smith, Lauren M. Kenney This is basically a collection of case studies and essays by activist teachers engaged in inquiry groups. The topic is how to deal with homophobia in school settings, and the essays range from how to deal with resistance in the school and community to teaching LGBTQ texts in the classroom to helping teachers decide to be "out" or not. There was also a good essay for first year teachers, which I think was one that made me think and moved me. It has been a while since I was a first year teacher, but I had to struggle with the idea of how much of myself and my beliefs to present or not in public. In fact, it is something I struggle with to this day, especially given the community I live in. This is a book for teachers and teacher educators. I believe it is a book we should be promoting to student teachers. Only reason I did not rate it higher is that this is not light reading. It can get a bit heavy at times, and it is clearly designed for practitioners. With that out of the way, it is one that belongs in every education library.