The Walking Dead, Book 6

The Walking Dead, Book 6 - Robert Kirkman; Charlie Adlard; Cliff Rathburn I have said before I am not a big fan of the zombie horror genre, but this series simply draws you in. It is not so much the zombies that do it. What does it is the strong drama and character development the authors present. They have made a story where you get to caring about the individuals, and where you know that no one is truly safe. You have to read just to find out if they make it alive another day or not. And this time, it may seem like they have found a safe haven, or have they? In a world where humanity has more often than not been lost, and people often embrace the worst, can our survivors go on and survive? You'll have to read on to find out, and as before, once you start, you will keep going to the very end. Also, once again, if you really like this series, getting these hardback compilations is definitely worth it.