Conan Volume 5: Rogues In the House (Conan (Dark Horse))

Conan, Vol. 5: Rogues in the House and Other Stories - Timothy Truman, Cary Nord, Tomás Giorello I continue to enjoy this series. The author and artists have changed, but they still have good material to work from, and the story is very good. If you have followed the series, you can see some differences in the art style, but overall, the feel of the series continues to be very good. The characters continue to show depth. Conan continues to grow and evolve. He continues to see who his friends and true enemies really are. And then, there is the confrontation with the red priest, which I found interesting and pretty neat. Without giving away much, I can say this is a pretty good story from Howard's stories. In addition, this volume contains a nice introduction, and some good supplementary material about the title story. Overall, a good volume, and it is certainly worth it to continue following the series.