Dynasty of Evil: Star Wars (Darth Bane): A Novel of the Old Republic

Dynasty of Evil - Drew Karpyshyn This was a really good ending to the trilogy, though it did leave some small openings (one has to wonder if another follow-up work or two is in the pipeline). Overall, it was a good tale of the event that was bound to happen" Bane and Zannah's confrontation to carry on the Sith legacy. I think my favorite character on this one was The Huntress. Least favorite? The dark jedi. About 3/4 into it before the final stretch the narrative did slow down a bit, but the overall tale was good enough to give it the five stars. It was interesting to read Bane worried his apprentice has not challenged him after all this time (it has been 20 years or so they have been together by now) while it seems Zannah may be content to remain second, or she is really bidding her time. Overall, this was a very good trilogy in the Star Wars series. The kind of work that they could make into movies and likely have better stuff than the pap Lucas put out with the "new" trilogy. Also, if you like reading about the Sith and their philosophy, this series has to be read. I also find that I enjoy these kind of novels set way back in the Star Wars universe because you can get new stories. The "more recent" stuff, close to the films, you just know how things have to turn out. As a disclosure note, I have not read much of the stuff set after the films (other than the Thrawn trilogy, which I did enjoy). But overall, liking this Old Republic stuff, especially the way old like this series.