The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems

The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems - Tomas Tranströmer, Robin Fulton I picked this up mostly because it was convenient (my local public library had it) and because it is the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature. So, given I had not really heard of this author before, I was curious. I gave it a low rating because, for me, the book was just ok. I think other people may have a higher opinion, and that is ok. This book has some positives and some negatives. On the positive, when the author is good, he is good. There are some very rich images, very evocative of dreams and imagination. However, a lot of this poetry does seem pretty dark and depressing. I am not sure if that is just reflective of the fact he is Swedish, and a lot of the poetry is set up there in Scandinavia, where days can be very gray for very long, but some of the poetry could be right down depressing. Or at least, the kind of poetry to read in a winter's night when you have to stay inside with your hot beverage and a blanket. This is definitely not summer reading. I did like the earlier works better than the later works. The book collects all his work, according to the introduction, and it is arranged chronologically. I would advise reading this book in small doses. Maybe that is why I just liked it so-so. I read all through it, and this book is best read in small doses. In fact, maybe reading a part of it now, and then putting it aside and picking it up again later, may be the better option. So, for me, it was just alright. And if nothing else, I got to read a Nobel Laureate's work.