Eternals - John Romita Jr., Neil Gaiman Gaiman takes an idea from legendary comics creator Jack Kirby and brings it to a new generation of readers. Overall it is a pretty good story with the good blend of mythology and imagination that Gaiman is known for. The Eternals have been gone from the world, and now they are waking up once more. They lived their lives basically as common humans, and they have to remember who they are once more in order to save the world. The events happen during the Civil War story arc, with some small appearance by Iron Man and some of the Avengers. The art is also very good in this volume, plus this volume does include some extras such as cover galleries, art galleries so you can see how some of the characters looked in Kirby's day compared to today, and an extended interview with Neil Gaiman. Marvel fans will probably like this one. Gaiman fans who like his other graphic novel work may like it as well even if they are not "real comics readers." Overall, a pretty nice story.