The Electric Church

The Electric Church  - Jeff Somers I really had to drag myself through the book. A pity because the book does have some strengths and positives to it. On the positive side, the dystopia it describes is actually pretty good. The concept of the Electric Church and the monks is definitely a pretty good, original idea. But that is about where it stops for me. I could go on about the cyberpunk and the noir, but other reviewers have done that in much better detail. Yes, those elements are present, and they are elements I have enjoyed in my science fiction in other selections. What got me was the somewhat plain prose, and the pace was just not there. It did not really seem engaging to me at least. Maybe there is one trope or stereotype too many. Or maybe not enough world building, too much of the usual hero going after the big bad guy. All I know is the concept seemed good, but the execution seemed lacking. The book was ok, but it was not great. It is first in a series, but I don't think I will be following the series. That it took me two months to get through it, when I often finish novels in much less time, was definitely a sign this was not a good book for me. Stuff like this I usually zip through it. This just did not really grab me. I hear there is a movie coming out. Maybe the movie will be better than the book, though not holding my breath on that.