Get Jiro!

Get Jiro! - Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose, Langdon Foss This was a very enjoyable and quick read. If you are a fan of Anthony Bourdain or maybe a fan of Iron Chef (the original Japanese show, not the American rip-off), you will probably enjoy this book. Fans of the manga Oishinbo might like this too. In a not too far future, chefs rule society with an iron fist. A lone renegade sushi chef comes into town, and everyone wants to take him down. The graphic novel is a neat send-up of all the ridiculous things that happen with celebrity chefs, organic food, food that relies on too much technique or technology, etc. However, you can also see the novel as the tale a of a lone warrior taking on the Establishment. The art in this one is very good as well, and it complements the tale nicely. Granted, the premise is a bit ridiculous, but it sure is a fun one. In the end, I think you cannot help but like this tale.