Treacheries of the Space Marines

Treacheries of the Space Marines - Christian Dunn, Matthew Farrer, David Annandale, Jonathan Green, Andy Hoare, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Sarah Cawkwell, John French, Andy Smillie, Anthony Reynolds I have to say that compared to other anthologies I have read in this vein (Legends of the Space Marines and Victories of the Space Marines), this one was very disappointing. I know short story anthologies can be hit and miss depending on the selections. Some stories are good, and might redeem an otherwise so-so anthology. Other stories less so. Well, in this case, there were no real good stories. A lot of them were basically slow-plodding tales that were more of a chore to read than anything else. After my previous reading experiences in this series of anthologies, this one was a real letdown for me as a reader. If Black Library chooses to make another anthology of Space Marines, they probably need to be a bit more selective of who writes stories for it. This one was not a good example of the best Black Library can and does put out. However, there are still plenty of other good things to read in the WH 40K universe, so I am just chalking this up as a loss and moving on to something else.