Frank Miller's Ronin

Ronin - Frank Miller I really wanted to like this, since I do enjoy most of Frank Miller's other work, but in the end, it just quite did not work for me. The premise of a feudal samurai transported to the future to confront his nemesis was an awesome one. The future dystopic setting was pretty good as well I thought, and the way the spirit of the ronin samurai taking over the limbless test subject was pretty good too. However, a lot of the plot is a pretty disjointed mess, and the art at times is extremely cluttered. The clutter at times did make it difficult to read at times. I am glad to have read it, since this is considered a classic, but I honestly do not think this is his best work when compared to his Batman graphic novels for instance. The graphic novel is definitely a product of the late 1980s given the style in the art. Fans of Frank Miller's work may want to seek out his other works, especially the Batman works. Also, if you want something different, Miller's vision of Robocop is also a very good read. Fans of works like Akira and Aeon Flux (actually, Ronin reminded me a lot of the Aeon Flux) series from MTv)may find this work by Miller appealing as well.