Death Troopers: Star Wars

Death Troopers - Joe Schreiber A curious idea: zombies and Star Wars. The SW franchise pretty much has the skill to grab whatever genre may be popular at the time and make a Star Wars tale out of it. That's what all those Republic Commando stories were, for instance; they were off the fact that a while back all those squad-based combat video games were popular. The zombie idea is not a bad one, but it is not great either. It's basically nice entertainment for a while. The novel uses the bioweapon/virus angle (think things like Resident Evil or even the recent Walking Dead) for the zombies, but there is a bit of a twist to that, which I won't reveal. Also for a draw a couple of well known characters make an appearance, which I thought was neat. The book does start a bit slow, but once it gets going, you keep on going pretty much until the end. And there are hints leading to the prequel (is this the best term) Red Harvest. Like many of the novels in the SW Expanded Universe, the strength of this one is that you get to see other characters and other situations besides the "usual" cast, like say some lesser known part of the Imperial service (in this case their corrections units and a prison barge). Overall, if you are looking for some quick entertainment, and you are a Star Wars fan, odds are pretty good you will like this one. If you like zombies, but you are a bit skeptical about how they fit in Star Wars, I would say give it a chance. However, the book is more of a borrow from the library rather than buy, but as I said, it makes for some quick entertainment. I did label it horror, mostly for the zombies, but the gore levels are fairly tame compared to other zombie works.