Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology

Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology - Nick Gevers, James Lovegrove, Keith Brooke, Adam Roberts, Jeff VanderMeer, Marly Youmans, Kage Baker, Margo Lanagan, Jeffrey Ford, Jay Lake, Ian R. MacLeod, James K. Morrow, Robert Reed I debated if I wanted to give it less than three stars, but in the end there is enough in the book to warrant at least a look. This is certainly not a "definitive" anthology, but it does have some good gems in it. The problem is it also has some pretty bad duds, and you have to sort them out. If you kept up with status updates as I read it, you will see that I found the book overall hit and miss. Some stories were really good, and others were not. When the book "worked," it was good. When it did not, I wanted to drop it. So, what worked for me:*The first story, which kind of reminded me a bit of an early Heinlein. *The Company story (I think that was Kage Baker's). It does capture a bit of the steampunk feel and scene, and it was good enough that I may seek out other novels in the The Company series. *"Petrolpunk" was probably my favorite if not one of my favorites in the series. *And "American Cheetah" gave an interesting look at one of the American presidents, with robots. *Other stories varied. The wife revenge tale was interesting for the twist it offered, but I was not particularly thrilled with it (in other words, it was ok). So read it, but keep your expectations in the average range. I told you the stories that worked for me. You may find others work better for you, so to speak. It is a decent anthology, and it has some good examples of steampunk. But it is not definitive.