Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson I wanted to like this book for the following reasons: I like alternate history. For instance, I happen to enjoy the works of writers like Harry Turtledove (though not as much lately). Two, it is steampunk, which is a genre I like. Why I did not like it? I found the pace a bit too slow to get into, and the teen protagonists are pretty predictable in their actions after a while. I won't give more away than that so that others may read it. Now, on the positive, the descriptions of this alternate world and the whole Clankers versus Darwinists setup is simply very well described. If they made an art book of this world, I would probably buy it. Basically, I liked the fictional world, but I did not care much for the characters. In terms of appeal. I think a good number of young adult readers may find this book appealing (it is a YA novel). Those who liked the author's other novels will probably like this. It was ok, but I will not be seeking out the rest of the planned novels of this new series. I mostly picked it up because I saw it highlighted in John Scalzi's blog. Setting and concept was great, but a pity the plot is so slow and the protagonists so common.