Watchmen - Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, Alan Moore This was simply "wow." This is one of the most complex works of literature I have read, and a great graphic novel to boot. When the ending is revealed, it is just amazing. Talk about having to make a choice. I won't reveal it for those who have not read it, but it does make a reader wonder what would they choose if they were in the situation. That may be part of why this book has remained popular over time: because it presents heroes as complex, often tormented, individuals who are faced with conflicts and choices. It's not all about the adventure. Thus they are people we can identify with. Of course, the novel is still a very good story as well. This is absolutely one of the best, if not the best, works I have read this year. Definitely one that invites reading again. And the work definitely confirms Alan Moore's place as a great author. By the way, for those readers who like a little history, seeing the alternate world that Moore creates for the U.S. is interesting as well. Who becomes president of the U.S., the Cold War, so on. While this element is not the main thrust of the book, it certainly adds to the ambiance and makes it even more interesting.