My Reading Rituals

I have a new post on my personal blog, The Itinerant Librarian. For some, this may be a bit more than they wish to know about me as a reader. Still, there it is. Here is an excerpt:


"After reading this post on Book Riot discussing "what your reading rules reveal about your personality," then seeing CW reveal her reading rules, it got me pondering my own reading rules. I may have mentioned a rule here or there, my I never really thought of the issue as having "rules." For me, some of these things seem like small rituals related to reading. So, responding to those blog posts, I am listing some of my rituals for reading. I have no idea what they might reveal about my personality, but here they are."


Link to the post:


So, how about you folks, do you have any reading rules or rituals? Feel free to comment here or over on my blog.